For 2020/21, our school has the following classrooms, named after Native Wildflowers & Bees of Western Montana:


Toddler classroom, ages 2-3

  • The Bumble-Bee room at the Foothills campus

  • 15 children + 3 adults


Preschool classrooms, ages 3-6

  • The Silvery Lupine, Shooting Star and Arctic Buttercup classrooms at the Springhill campus

  • 16 children + 2 adults



  • In the Yurt an the Springhill campus

  • Afternoon Kindergarten "pod" plus all-day Friday

Covid-related changes:

Dividing children into socially distanced pods.

  • The new "pod" approach is to keep kids divided, and is meant to limit exposure to everyone. Our Summer Camp has re-opened with limited capacity and modifications to prevent the spread of corona-virus.

Virus protections like masks (for adults) and clean hands (for everyone).

  • We are taking additional safety and hygiene precautions. For example, when inside, teachers and administrators must wear a mask. We also ask for all adults to wear masks during pick-up and drop-off.

  • Additionally, we have stations with hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves readily available.

  • We also spray down all classrooms and outdoor equipment to be careful as possible.

Pick-up and Drop-off

  • You can no longer go into the school, or any classroom, at drop-off or pick-up.

  • The children are assigned to rooms, but, now more than ever, children spend most of their time outside in our beautiful outdoor classrooms.

School Hours

  • The children are now in closed "pods" in their classrooms, and only interact with the same children and teachers throughout each day.

  • Because of the adjustment, we no longer have before and aftercare (when groups were combined). Instead, we've extended school hours to be 8am - 4pm Monday - Thursday, and 8am - 3pm on Friday.  

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