For 2019/20, our school has the following classrooms, named after Native Wildflowers & Bees of Western Montana:


Toddler classroom, ages 2-3

  • The Bumble-Bee room at the Foothills campus


Preschool classrooms, ages 3-6

  • The Silvery Lupine, Shooting Star and Arctic Buttercup classrooms at the Springhill campus



  • In the Yurt an the Springhill campus


One Room Schoolhouse, 1st – 8th grades

  • In the Micro-school

2019/20 :

1st - 8th grade
The Board has signed a five-year lease for a rental space to start a modern, one-room schoolhouse for grades 1st – 8th, much like the Springhill Community School in our area. Another modern term would be a “micro-school.” The vision is to have a small, independent school designed for children who need a flexible and personalized learning environment. 

"Why a modern one-room schoolhouse?"

Below are links to several articles and blogs on the rise of the "Micro-school" that make a compelling case. 

The Rise of Micro-Schools

The one-room schoolhouse is the next big thing in education

Bring Back the One Room Schoolhouse

What is a micro-school and why should you care?






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